EARTHLING ETHOS "sailing without sails." The sensational E40 in production now!

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Purpose-built 600mm 3 Blade E-Prop

Cast Bronze - High thrust low RPM – zero cavitation  720RPM – Speed 9 Knots – Consumption 10KW 900RPM speed 16Knots – Consumption 25KW. 1100 RPM TBA

WhisperPower Piccolo
M-GV3 Genverter

Compact - 51 dB(A) -  175KG - 96% efficient 8.6KW DC Charger – Adjustable to the load 1500-2500RPM – 1.3-3 L/hr Diesel – Kubota 3 cyl.

Molabo ISCADV50

Compact – Powerful – Safe

50-80KW – 48VDC – 45KG – 4130RPM  Motor Type PNsynRM – Integral controller – Water cooled.

48VDC PowerCube

C43-57VDC Lithium bulk charger Adjustable Geneverter and shorepower inputs – World Shorepower connectivity 90-264VAC 45-65HZ - Rugged and efficient, perfectly matched to the charge load.

PowerPlus 48VDC

11.1KW Modules – E40 44.4KW.
Prismatic LifePo4 – 40KG Modules-Canbus BMS.

WhisperSolarflex 124W E40 Roof 16 Panels 2000W

Flexible and lightweight (2.2 kg/m2).
Completely waterproof and resistant to salt water.
Thin (less than 2 mm).
IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 certified.

WhisperPower AC PowerCube

48VDC 3.5KVA - 230VAC 50-60HZ.
Pure Sinewave - 30min 4KVA – 5sec 102.5KVA.

E-THOS - EnviroEnergy Interface 

SCADA (Systems Control And Data Acquisition)

16" High spec PC Touchscreen computer, brings all systems together at the helm. Control, Route planning/forecasting and historical trending of all energy flows. Alarm monitoring and automated tasks. Also Entertainment. 

We specialise in systems that minimise fuel use & maintenance.
Air, water, noise pollution and port calls are dramatically reduced.

“If you want to explore nature? Live in it. Feed from it. Don’t strangle it”

High-end componentry controlled by our sophisticated SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) E-THOS (Enviroenergy Interface) to provide highly efficient pleasurable boating/passage making, is what we do.

If you want to buy a complete sail away E-40 Power Cat or incorporate “Earthling E- THOS Propulsion System” in your build/rebuild, contact us now. 

We are focused on our proven solution as a “One Stop Shop” with “Worldwide Support”.  

PLEASE NOTE: We do not get involved with DIY orphans or speed projects. Analyse your expectations and budget before contacting us. This will help us qualify your enquiry.

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