E-40 Power Catamaran

E-THOS (Earthling – E-Propulsion integrated with our EnviroEnergy Interface) – Highly efficient propulsion and automated energy gathering/sustaining system gains independence. Hot/potable water, solar optimization, Intensified Wind power.

A true production yacht utilising proven off the shelf technologies integrated and controlled by E-THOS.  Incorporated in the proven naturally flowing “Stealth Designs” hull form, with minor customisation. Book a sea trial in Auckland NZ on the “Earthling” prototype from early 2022, secure a slot from our limited production of 2 E40 2023. The E40 will be a class boat with all builds identical, the only client options will be colour schemes and furnishings. The boat will include the current innovations and for the future PectoFoil and Synfuel innovations are under development.